asa nisi masa is a contemporary online art gallery.

asa nisi masa’s main activity is the organization of temporary exhibitions, whose purpose is to spread the knowledge about authors and artistic tendencies, with a focus on projects specifically conceived for the virtual space.

The gallery collects and selects artworks and deals with their sale.

asa nisi masa was created in 2011 by Dude Mag and in September 2013 developed its current structure, launching the first two exhibitions.

In January 2014, asa nisi masa project grew further due to the partnership with ARTNOISE, which definitively delineated the curatorial program that will be undertaken in the next exhibitions.

asa nisi masa aims to implement the curatorial work with the networking activity, based on the partnership with external realities that get on with the world wide web environment.

Coordinator: Greta Boldorini
Project Manager: Andrea Pergola
Press Office: Chiara Ciolfi

Curators: Greta Boldorini, Chiara Ciolfi,Daniela Cotimbo, Sara Fico, Barbara Nardacchione, Paola Paleari, Giulia Zamperini.

Special thanks to our favourite graphic designer Bruno Bonamore.

asa nisi masa is powered by Dude.